An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one. Charles Horton Cooley

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.  Charles Horton Cooley

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This Weekend...

Happy Birthday Jordan Gomez!!! Brittany and Sheila and I went to my fiance, and Sheila's boyfriend's birthday party!! What a hoot!!! He acted like he hated the attention, but everyone knows that when you turn 20 you automatically love the attention. I would know...

Brittany and I also went to Walmart and the mall friday!!! Searching for gifts for 3 nine year olds turned out to be a little rougher than it sounds... what do nine year old children even like?? Its not like they have serious hobbies already...

Christmas Spirit time... Some guy stole our cart... Poor Brit was crushed :(

Wow, I used to LOVE Candy Land! As a matter of fact, our game broke due to over-use!

Still a big deal! Whoever invented the etch-a-sketch has to be a gagillionaire by now, I recall thinking these queer contraptions were cutting edge back in the 1st grade...

Well after the grand mall adventure and Jordan's birthday party, Brittany and myself journeyed back to her house, jumped her twin sister. What followed will be a turning point in our histories!!!

Today, Brittany and Caitlin Arnett, and myself made a Christmas Music Video!!!!! How exciting right?! I know! Here are a few pics, I will post the video later, it will be self explanatory, but basically it's the best christmas music video you have ever seen!!!

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