An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one. Charles Horton Cooley

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.  Charles Horton Cooley

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Had an audition with a new agency, they said yes!!! Hopefully I will actually get some jobs!


Avatar! Oh my gosh! This movie was so amazing! It was thought provoking, exciting, romantic, scary, and everything else! Long story short, I am going to be an avatar when I grow up! If you haven't seen this, let me guess, you think some naked blue guy running through a forest doesn't seem like something you wanna see??? Don't be a dumb, SEE IT!

The princess and the frog! Oh I was so excited to see this one! I literally had to bribe my 6 year old brother to go with me... but it worked out well in the end. Zack, Chase, Colton, and I went and saw this one, and even if they deny it, they loved it as much as I did! It was such a good show!... Yeah maybe I am right around 4 years old... and " secretly funny " ha I'm going to see this one again! lol

Blake (16 year old bro), our family friend Chance Carter, Colton, and I went to see this- Blake's idea- WOW! Despite it's rating, it is a lot like Mormon's journey, pretty freaking cool! Denzel is still fine!

Who am I? Your worst NIGHTMARE!

If you don't already know, Zachary (my 6 year old brother) is my boyfriend's biggest fan. Well, last week my mother took Zack to get his hair cut, and he wanted a black mohawk like Colton's; well he succeeded in getting his mohawk (not black) and felt rather saucy with his new doo. My mother noticed the outpour of attitude and asked him who he thought he was, he enthusiastically replied, " Your worst Nightmare!!!"
HAHAHA! I could not stop laughing when I heard this! In case your oblivious, my parents dislike Colton, and therein lies the humor! Zack is such a case!

Cup O' Noodle Anyone?

Chase is the culprit here... he forgot water
Need I say more?
Being me, I will expand slightly; I was babysitting, he said he could make it by himself, I gave him the rundown of instructions as a precaution. Obviously I failed as babysitter, and the consequence wreaked. Chase is hilarious.

New Years!

I spent New Years with Colton, and my cousin Aimee! We went to a dance at UVU, it was a lot of fun! Afterwards, we went to Colton's house where we had a poker tournament until 5 a.m.! So much fun!


George was a Dalmatian for halloween!

George was interested in my licorice

George helping me draw
George and I watch movies all the time

George on my desk

George, Sassy, & Dashboard

George & Sassy

In a nutshell, George is an unfortunate being, and so am I. George, my adorable Siamese Mix kitten, lives in my room; he is the sweetest thing ever! Cole and I caught 3 kittens about five months ago, two Siamese mixes and one black kitty; I had to get rid of two of them, so Sassy- the girl Siamese, and Dashboard- the black kitty, found good homes and became someone else's problem. George remained my problem, and despite his cuddly nature, he has an annoying habit of being noisy between 2-3 a.m. Because of this trait, he sleeps in the closet where he can, seemingly, do little damage to my sleep patterns. Unfortunately, his litter box is not in the closet, and so for the last 5 months he has, apparently, been peeing in a cardboard box (-litter.) In the last few days this became evident. So after cleaning my entire room, washing all my clothes, bedding, and shampooing the carpet, I made an appointment for George to be neutered. Today at 8:00 a.m. I dropped him off, and returned at 4:00 p.m. to find the bill, which had been estimated at $40-$60 to be $300!!! The moral of the story is, get a job because sometimes you have to pay ridiculous amounts of money, the kind of amounts that leave you cleaning the entire house for the next year, for things that at first seemed reasonable.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Johnsons

Remember the day Brit and I went to the mall and made a music video? Well that same day I took pictures of a family for their parents Christmas present; here are the pics!

Winter Break!

Although I have technically been on winter break for a long time due to me dropping out of my 3 college classes; Winter break started for everyone else just before Christmas. During these days I also got back together with Colton, so i spent most of the break at his house. I had so much fun with his family!! First of all, we went on a scavenger hunt taking pictures! It was way fun, and Cole and I won by a whole minute! That same night, we went and raced go-karts. I happen to hate go-karts more than almost anything else on the planet, but it was still fun! :) I went and saw Sherlock Holmes with Cole's sisters and mom, Calli, and Lori- his mom- fell asleep on me! It was great! The girls got Lori some sensual lotion for her and Glade- her husband- it was so funny! Calli and Catherine tasted it and their tongues went numb. Great break!


Sherlock Holmes!!! Have you seen it?? If not, you definitely need to, I loved it, will it forever be a classic like the book? No, but it was one of the best movies I have seen in quite some time.
The Blind Side! Oh amazing! This movie gives a feeling that has truly been missing not only from cinema, but from all entertainment in the past 5-10 years. This movie is touching and reminded me that not all the world is bad, there are still good people, and I want to be one of them!

Calli and Chase

So this is Calli, Colton's little sister, and her actual boyfriend Chase. Yeah the other guy is her... um buddy?? Well anyways, they are adorable, Calli is just the cutest thing since forever.